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Been A Busy Week

Dessakroth a posted Jan 13, 13
I have been swamped with work all week but I will see if I am able to get on later today for a bit. Hope to see you all on!

Latest CSGO Update

Dessakroth a posted Dec 26, 12
Server is fixed and working perfectly now!


Dessakroth a posted Dec 7, 12
We will soon be offering VIP status if things go well. VIP will cost 5 dollars minimum a month(used to keep the server up) and offer a few perks that I am currently adding over time. No current ETA.

Update: We are now offering a VIP package for 5 dollars (USD) a month. This package currently includes the ability to hold all types of grenades at once and multiples of them. It also includes a VIP leveling system where a person gains a point per each kill and every 3 minutes. Each level unlocked offers new "perks" ranging from grenade trials, custom grenade smoke colors and the ability to have more ammo for the guns you use and much much...much more. There is over 20 perks already added. They are still in testing phase for effectiveness and balance. But they are amazing. Later on I will also be posting in the forums all the levels, the points needed and the tick rate for how many and when you get points and what they unlock.

Update: See forum for more detailed information on VIP in the News/Announcement section.


Dessakroth a posted Dec 5, 12
I am currently looking into adding a function to auto switch between different types of game modes allowing us to switch to a mini game server setup at will. Thus, we can play a mini game map or two in between our usual JailBreak setup. No current ETA.
Good news! The server will not be shutting down, another month has already been paid to keep it going. Thanks in part to donations which were very helpful. I'm glad we were able to keep good population and have a lot of loyal members to keep the community strong, even through different games. Make sure you all spread the word that we are alive and well for our JailBreak Server and other games!
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